Supply & Consultancy Services

Knights Synergy is the exclusive sole agent for the following supplies:

  • Bulk Emulsion Emulex®
  • Emulex® Cartridge
  • Explosive Graded Ammonium Nitrate
  • Non-Electric Detonators - NONEL®

and many more...

Drill & Blast Services

Knights Synergy provide reliable and professional services:

  • Rock blasting using High Explosives and advance initiating systems.
  • Rock & concrete breaking using NoneX™Safety Chemical Cartridges.

and many more...

Our Expertise, Our Service...

Knights Synergy's and Synergy Geotech's team of self-motivated, competent and experienced engineers with operation staff work very closely with our clients to ensure work is carried out under stringent safety rules and regulations. Knights Synergy has the ability to supply the full range of commercial explosives not limited to bulk emulsions, ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel oil), detonating cords, detonators (electric & non-electric) as well as latest technology, the electronic detonators.

Our Awards & Certifications